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Every bag is unique, like you!

"The bag, for women, is not a complement, an extra, an optional. No. It's just part of her, as a natural prominence." This beautiful phrase was written by Luciana Littizzetto in one of her books. She was so right! A woman almost feels naked without her bag. A shoulder bag, with handles, bucket, shopper, top box, briefcase, tote, backpack, clutch, hobo, postman, saddle, baguette, frame, minaudiere, weekend, quilted clutch bag: the models are so many and we women would like to have them all. Perhaps we already have all the bags! The bags need women, and women need them! Through our bag we speak, we say who we are, how we feel, what mood we have, where we are going or who we are going to meet. Our handbag reassures us, accompanies us, the bag is faithful, preserves our secrets. The bag is magical: inside we can find everything! The bag loves us women and we love our bag. The bag is the queen of the accessories, but it is an understatement to call it a simple accessory, after all it is who magically transforms a mediocre look in a trendy one, a simple look in a sexy look. From simple women it transforms us into chic ladies. The bags are wonderful: to wear, to watch, to dream; the desire to possess them is like hunger and thirst, natural instincts of survival and we women are never satiated. The personality of each woman is expressed by wearing the bag and we women do not just carefully choose the one that best suits our style, but we observe with attention and curiosity often shamelessly, even the bags other women wear, like food for our imagination.

The bag is female, feeds the imagination, jealousy, envy, desire, competition and become a tool to look like we would like to be seen and perceived by others.

There is no limit to the imagination of women, and BAGissima was born with the intention of adding creativity and originality to own bags in order to offer women the objects of desire that perfectly marry their need to express alternative personality, transgressive, unconventional, but also emotions, sweetness and romance.

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